About Us


In 2003, a group of individuals from the Northern Black Hills Association of REALTORS® got together to discuss a way to address a growing need in our communities. As realtors, they recognized the need to build stronger communities by creating opportunities for the children. The group set out to develop a plan to raise funds to assist children that had a need that otherwise wasn’t being met … a pair of soccer shoes, a clarinet, an insulin pump, whatever. The idea that started out as a “fill in the gaps” funding effort blossomed into a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation called REALTORS® for Kids, Inc.

Thanks to the efforts and the generosity of the realtors and the support of the communities that they serve, today, the REALTORS® for Kids organization is more than just a “fill in the gaps” funding group. The organization has developed ties to other organizations and agencies that watch over and support our children. It has expanded its reach to help children and their families that have ongoing medical expenses, provide funding for children to attend pre-school, and assist children with clothing needs and much more.


REALTORS® for Kids, Inc. is committed to fiscal responsibility in managing the resources provided to us in fulfilling our mission. Our all volunteer Board of Directors and committee members provide tremendous administrative support and fundraising efforts which allow for minimal overhead expenditures. RFK 990 2016


The REALTORS® for Kids, Inc. Bylaws are the governing document for the organization and a copy is available by selecting the link below or by contacting RFK via E-Mail at info@realtorsforkids.org

By-laws revised 9/14


The REALTORS® for Kids, Inc. organization developed a strategic plan to set their course for the next several years. The strategic plan incorporates the vision, mission and organization structure in the activities that are defined for RFK to be involved with.


We assist children in the Northern Hills communities that:

Are victims of abuse, neglect or abandonment; Have either a temporary or ongoing medical condition that requires money beyond what the child’s primary caregivers are able to provide; Wish to participate in school and community programs and do not have the funds to do so.

Our mission is to distribute funds to children in the Northern Black Hills to be used for the betterment of children’s lives and to provide an opportunity for the Mount Rushmore Area Association of REALTORS® members to give something back to the communities that they serve.


Started in 2003 to raise funds to assist children that had a need that otherwise wasn’t being met … a pair of soccer shoes, a clarinet, travel expenses due to medical treatment.  The idea started out as a “fill in the gaps” funding effort and blossomed into a 501 © (3) non-profit corporation.

Over $790,000 donated back to our community since 2003

Which communities receive the funds?

The funds raised stays in our local Northern Black Hills Communities including, Belle Fourche, Deadwood, Lead, Newell, Nisland, Spearfish, St. Onge, Sturgis and Vale.   

How many children did RFK assist last year?

OVER 385 children with specific financial assistance.

Where did the funds go in 2016?

Medical $18,373
Activities and Programs $18,849
Necessities - Clothing/food $21,327
Transportation $940
Christmas Wishes $16,000
Total $75,489

Christmas wishes program was funded by Realtor and Affiliate volunteers and community members who provided clothing, necessities, holiday gifts to 105 children from personal donations.       

What are some of the stories of the children we have helped?

  • 129 Children in 2016 with basic necessities of clothing, bedding, winter coats, gloves, boots and food.
  • 105 children provided with a Christmas gift and food for the holiday season.
  • Family escaping domestic violence provided clothing and school supplies for the children.
  • Proved funds to help a family purchase a “ComPilot” to help their 7yr old little girl hear.
  • Sporting equipment, musical instruments for children to have an opportunity to participate in school and community activities.
  • 16yr old who lost his leg to cancer, traveling to Minnesota for tests. 
  • 3 Children were provided clothing and necessities that were lost in a tornado.
  • 8yr old boy who needed to see specialists in Boston, MA for GI issues.
  • Purchase of clothing and necessities 16yr old boy diagnosed with Tetra logy of Fallout, a defect in his heart, helping with medical travel.
  • 8 Children ranging in age of 2 months to 12 years who were abandoned, living in a car. We were able to provide clothing, formula, diapers and necessities when they were moved into a shelter.