How does one characterize a hero? To us the heroes are the kids that are fighting for a better life, striving to improve their social skills, working on becoming better physically and mentally.
To us the heroes are also the people that support those kids. The REALTORS® for Kids organization would like to sincerely thank those that volunteer to help the children and those that support the efforts of the RFK organization through their generous donations and contributions.


Our vision is to provide financial support that will strengthen the community values of our children and families by assisting the children of the Northern Black Hills.

Encourage and support similar efforts of other REALTOR® Boards in their communities.

REALTORS® for Kids, Inc. is organized to:

Provide an opportunity and mechanism for the Mount Rushmore Area Association of REALTORS® members to help build better communities by providing financial assistance to the children and their families;

Provide guidance and support to other REALTOR® Boards that are starting a REALTORS® for Kids program in their community.


The core values of the REALTORS® for Kids organization are:
– needs of the children are put first (it’s all about Heart … not about ego);
– always try and do the right thing;
– earn and maintain the trust of our members;
– help each other and feel collectively responsible for achieving our mission;
– do whatever it takes (it is about giving without expecting anything in return)